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We understand the growing demand for professional Vacate Cleaning, after all – you want your bond money back!

Not only will we provide you with a professional home clean, we will provide you with a certificate of vacate to give to the real estate agent. If within 48 hours of the vacate clean, the Real estate agent is unhappy about an area we have cleaned – we will send a cleaner back to your home, for no extra charge!


In summary, we will clean the areas below: *


> Kitchen (including oven clean)
> Bathroom
> Toilets
> Laundry
> General Interior/Lounge &bedrooms:
> Flooring
> Balcony Sweep

*For a thorough breakdown of everything that will be cleaned in a vacate clean, please email Alternatively, we can work with you to customise exactly what it is that you need cleaned.

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Additional Services we offer:

> Professional Carpet Cleaning
> Tile and Grout Cleaning
> Wall Cleaning
> Window Cleaning
> Air-conditioning vents
> Fridge & Appliance Cleaning
> High Pressure Cleaning
> Painting
> Gardening

For all other enquires or to book Abode Cleaning in, please email





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